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does not have to be expensive or complicated

a unique website that is easy to navigate

Since 2022, I have been building all my websites with Showit, the best cloud hosted website design platform available. A Showit website is great for small business owners who value presenting their products or services in a professional way on the Internet.

For more than 10 years I have created websites on many different platforms, and to me Showit scores best on the most important features a high-quality website should meet, which are:

√ creative freedom 
√ mobile responsiveness 
√ ease of use 
√ security
√ solid integration with other services (including WordPress for blogs)

√ excellent searchability (SEO)
√ speed
√ back-up automation

A beautiful website that immediately and clearly shows the value of what you do,

My website designs are...

And my design-process is:

√ customer-friendly & personal
√ a clear step-by-step process
√ with clear agreements upfront

High Quality - Modern - Clear - Simple

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THe benefits of a Showit website

Even without SEO knowledge, your website can be easily found with the simple SEO Settings in Showit.

Easy SEO optimalisation

Showit's handy drag and drop system makes it easy to customize your own website. No need to fuss with difficult codes.

Easy to use with Drag & Drop

A beautiful, well readable website on any device is very important nowadays! With Showit, you have full control over the mobile version of your website.

Mobile Device Responsive

The complete creative freedom makes Showit very suitable for creative entrepreneurs. You're not stuck with standard blocks and columns.

Everything is customizable & 100% Creative Freedom

What clients say...

"Monique listens to your wishes and picks up on them immediately. With few words, she senses where you want to go. I am really super satisfied with my new webshop and can recommend anyone to co-create with her!"

"Monique listens to your wishes and picks up on them immediately."

~ Evelyn Pieters: acupuncturist, lecher-antenna therapist ~

"Monique was spot-on with how she created a website that was aligned with our purpose. As an experienced graphic designer she even created a logo and brand identity that gave us the opportunity to share what we really needed to attract more people to our mission."

"Monique was spot-on with the website and logo."

~ Nathalie Hazenberg: Author & Coach in team & organisation development ~

"I was motivated to have Monique work on a lead page because I was sure she could help sass up a basic boxy design scheme. I am very happy with the result of our teamwork and am suggesting Monique to my colleagues whose branding/imaging could use a bit of polish."

"I am very happy with the result of our teamwork."

~ Anaiis Salles: Holistic Practitioner, Author & Product Innovator ~


My mission is to help my clients be found as an expert in their field. I design a website for you that aligns with your mission and vision and clearly shows how unique your work is and why it is so valuable to your clients.

I'm Monique