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Creating websites that are in alignment with your calling & the purpose of your business. Connecting you with the people you are meant to work with, so that you can serve them and make money doing what you love.

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A lot of solopreneurs & small business owners struggle to attract their ideal clients because their (DIY) website doesn't reflect their expertise, their core values or even their joy. It takes a well aligned and strategically built website and brand for your ideal clients to be able to recognise you as the expert they are looking for. And yes! A strategic website cán be stylish too! You can have both!

I will help you build a website that  is in alignment to your calling, brand style ánd your joy, so that your ideal clients will find you and feel the connection straight away. This will result in more sales and client bookings with the people you love to work with, so not only more profit, but definitely more joy and fulfilment as well! 

Is your DIY website not helping you to connect with the people you'd love to work with?

Time for re-alignment!


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 A completely custom & co-creative experience that starts with a detailed brand re-alignment process and results in a fully aligned and strategically built website that connects to & inspires your visitors to work with you, so you will fulfill the purpose of your business more easily.

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Why Showit?

Showit websites are ideal for all types of small businesses

All my clients have the same desire: to have a unique, beautiful & outstanding website that is in alignment with their calling, their brand ánd their joy. Showit offers us full creative freedom & is easy to use, so we can joyfully co-create this for you.

Complete creative freedom, everything is customisable

Change colours, add fonts, rearrange the design, it's all possible! Showit is intuitive and easy to use, you will be able to use it on your own pretty much instantly without ever having to deal with learning any code to update and maintain your own website!

Simply drag & drop, can it be any easier?

Showit is a simple drag and drop platform that never requires you to use code. This means that not only highly skilled designers can customise a site for you easy & fast, but anyone can design or customise a site: you can learn to do it yourself in just a few hours!

Mobile responsiveness: a good looking site on any device!

For me one of the most important and valuable features! Nowadays the majority of website visitors come in on a mobile device. The mobile version of your website can be edited completely independently from the desktop version, so it’s always well optimized.

Matching WordPress blog

Showit and WordPress work together hand in hand. This not only makes it very easy to have a beautifully designed blog that matches the rest of your website, it can also be easily connected to an existing Wordpress blog and integrate all your previous posts.

SEO optimisation, the easy way!

Showit websites include easy to use SEO settings for pages, content and images. So in addition to the SEO benefits of having a connected Wordpress blog on your Showit website, it is also VERY EASY to optimize every page of your website to have the best chance of ranking highly in browser search results.

It's this simple!

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It's easy to start with your new website immediately, because you can easily personalise my templates completely. No code, just drag & drop, plug & play. Yes it is that easy. Check it here!

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"Monique listens to your wishes and picks up on them immediately. With few words, she senses where you want to go. I am really super satisfied with my new webshop and can recommend anyone to co-create with her!"

Evelyn Pieters: acupuncturist, lecher-antenna therapist

~ Evelyn Pieters: acupuncturist, lecher-antenna therapist ~

"Monique was spot-on with how she created a website that was aligned with our purpose. As an experienced graphic designer she even created a logo and brand identity that gave us the opportunity to share what we really needed to attract more people to our mission."

Nathalie Hazenberg:
Coach & Autor
in team & organisation development

~ Nathalie Hazenberg: Author & Coach in team & organisation development ~

"I was motivated to have Monique work on a lead page because I was sure she could help sass up a basic boxy design scheme. I am very happy with the result of our teamwork and am suggesting Monique to my colleagues whose branding/imaging could use a bit of polish."

Anaiis Salles: Holistic Practitioner, Author & Product Innovator 

~ Anaiis Salles: Holistic Practitioner, Author & Product Innovator ~

Sweet Words

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From best kept secret to highly valued expert. My goal is to give my clients the opportunity to be found, recognized and valued by their audience as the expert in their niche. I do this by designing websites and brands that are in full alignment to my clients calling, so the brand & website clearly communicates your values and the purpose of your business - serving your clients with purpose and joy.

I will help you build a website that (re-)aligns & elevates your brand so that you can connect with and serve well-paying clients, resulting in more fulfilment & sustainable income from your business. I do this by optimising the design and searchability (SEO). And my designing process is set up to make co-creating this with me a smooth and enjoyable process.
So let's get started!

Showit website designer and brand (re-)alignment coach that loves to spark your creativity & help you grow your business

I'm Monique


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